DoD STEM Ambassadors

Meet DoD STEM Ambassadors from STEM Ecosystems Across the Country

The DoD STEM Ambassador Program recognizes outstanding educators and promotes STEM learning across the nation. DoD STEM Ambassadors are carefully chosen by the Department of Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC) and DoD STEM based on their commitment to working with students who have been historically underrepresented in STEM and/or are military connected.

DoD STEM Ambassadors work together to create and curate remote learning and digital materials such as lesson plans, learning activities, and creative engagement approaches to be shared with educators.

Jonté Lee, a chemistry teacher and DoD STEM Ambassador from the 2020-2021 school year.

DoD STEM Ambassadors & Partner Organizations

School Year

Middle School Science Teacher, California

Allison Bogart

High School Biotechnology Teacher, Arizona

Amber Struthers

High School Science Teacher, Georgia

Belynda Songer

Middle and High School Science and Computer Science Teacher, Ohio

Carla Neely

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, California

Christopher Ray

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, North Carolina

Courtney Heikkila

College Professor of Biology, Maryland

Cyrus Sadeghian

STEM Outreach Director and Engineering Instructor, California

Darin Gray

Elementary School Reading, Writing, and Robotics Coach, Pennsylvania

David Tomko

High School Biology and Biotechnology Teacher, Alabama

Douglas Glenn

High School Physics Teacher, Texas

Eric Botello

High School CTE Teacher, New Mexico

Gretchen Greer

District STEM Coordinator, Texas

Javier Uribe

High School Biology and Biotechnology Teacher, California

Jesse Robinson

High School Science Teacher, Tennessee

Jessica Minton

High School Science Teacher, Maryland

Josephine Mesina

High School Engineering Teacher, Calfornia

Julio Avasan

Instructional Coach, Arizona

Karen McGuinness

Middle School Science Teacher, Utah

Lora Gibbons

Middle School Science Teacher, District of Columbia

Melvin Stallings

College Professor of Journalism, Georgia

Mikki Harris

Research Coordinator, Maryland

Nicole Rosen

District Educational Technology Coordinator, California

Randy Kolset

College Professor of Biology and Biotechnology, Ohio

Sarah Finch

High School Computer Science Teacher, California

Thanh Le

Middle School Science Teacher, Ohio

Thomas Jenkins

Ambassadors in the Blog

Where's My Champion? The Importance of Mentors Who Look Like Their Students

“When students are exposed to different backgrounds, points of view and cultures they become more open-minded and willing to work with others. Never underestimate the power of a person seeing themselves in the experiences of another person.”

Antia Thomas
Middle School Science Teacher, North Carolina

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Where’s My Champion?
The Importance of Mentors Who Look Like Their Students

Citizen Schools’ Catalyst program pairs mentors from diverse backgrounds with students to engage in meaningful real-world, problem-based projects that bridge gaps in education so that all students can succeed. In order to imagine themselves pursuing a career in STEM, students need to have authentic experiences, see diversity in their classrooms and be exposed to STEM career pathways.

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