About DoD STEM

DoD STEM’s mission is to inspire, cultivate, and develop exceptional STEM talent through a continuum of opportunities to enrich our current and future Department of Defense workforce poised to tackle evolving defense technological challenges.

Strength Through Innovation

A career with the Department of Defense means that no two days will be the same.

The Vision of DoD STEM is a diverse and sustainable Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) talent pool ready to serve our Nation and evolve the Department of Defense’s competitive edge.

The Department of Defense is cultivating an environment where the United States of America is the world leader in advanced manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, to name a few of our modernization priorities. By inspiring new and future talent in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, we are poised to prepare the next generation for the ever changing landscapes of threats that our nation may face.

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DoD STEM’s Impact

The Department is committed to providing STEM education opportunities to students and educators of all ages throughout the country and across all demographics. To continue cultivating tomorrow’s talent pool, the Department remains steadfast in showcasing its ability to pivot and support the transition of traditional in-person STEM learning experiences to safely deliver programming. By partnering with federal, state, and local agencies, academia, and industry, the Department is ensuring the future diverse and talented workforce needed to carry out its mission.

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DoD STEM’s Partners

Defense STEM Education Consortium

DSEC is a partnership between academia, industry, non-for-profit organizations and government that aims to broaden STEM literacy. By prioritizing critical STEM challenges, DoD is investing in evidence-based approaches to inspire and develop the Nation’s STEM workforce.

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Military Branches & Agencies

The Army, Navy, Air Force and other DoD agencies each bring unique skills and activities to the DoD STEM enterprise and share common goals: build a STEM-literate culture, inspire the next generation, and attract quality talent.

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DoD STEM Grantees

The National Defense Education Program and the Manufacturing Engineer Education Program awards education and industry partners funding to establish or expand STEM educational opportunities.

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Did you know?

It is not necessary to enlist in the military to build a career with the DoD laboratories. DoD STEM professional positions are civilian jobs.

DoD Employs the Majority of STEM Professionals in the Federal Government

DoD STEM careers cover a broad range of disciplines covering the life, social and physical sciences to computer, mechanical and electrical engineering to architecture to health practitioners and technicians. Mathematics and related sciences are well represented as well among the DoD’s nearly 300,000 STEM Professionals.

72%28%of DoD Lab STEMprofessionals work in the Army, Navy, Air force or other componentsDoD STEMProfessionals,Non-Lab
There are nearly300,000DoD STEM Professionals
60,000+of DoD STEM Professionals work in over 200 DoD Laboratories and Centers