Large Cavitation Channel

The Large Cavitation Channel (LCC) is one of the world's largest and most technically advanced high-speed, variable-pressure water tunnel facilities. It is capable of testing all types of ship and submarine propellers and propeller-hull interactions with model scales sufficiently large to match the largest towing and turning basins in the world. The tunnel test section has a cross-section area of 100 square feet (10 feet by 10 feet) and can accept models up to 40 feet in length. Its sophisticated design permits the U.S. Navy to measure submarine and surface ship power, efficiency and propeller noise by using models in a controlled but realistic environment.

Operational since 1991, the LCC was designed as a variable pressure, recirculating, cavitation tunnel with a very low acoustic background level. The LCC provides significant cost savings for testing large-scale models of advanced ship and submarine system designs and full-scale torpedoes in a controlled environment. The LCC employs advanced hydro-acoustic silencing techniques for reducing acoustic reverberation introduced by the water flow of the tunnel. Commercial uses of this facility include maritime shipping industry applications.

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