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Strength Through Innovation

At the Department of Defense, our people are the military's most enduring advantage. DoD continually seeks to increase development of a representative, world-class STEM talent pool capable of filling our workforce needs and providing continuous access to STEM talent throughout the Nation.

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National Defense Education Program Funding Opportunity

The National Defense Education Program (NDEP) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is now on Grants.gov

The Department of Defense (DoD) seeks innovative applications on mechanisms to implement education, outreach, and/or workforce initiative programs in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Biotechnology. Activities will support the DoD STEM strategic plan and align to the 2018 Federal STEM strategic plan. Additional efforts will create a separate pilot program in Enhanced Civics education. NOTE: Respondents are not required to address all three focus areas, but should direct their responses to one of the areas, 1 (STEM), 2 (Biotech), or 3 (Enhanced Civics Education). The Department intends to award multiple grants, subject to the availability of funds. This will be a two (2) part submission process. Submissions are due January 25, 2021. Selected applicants will be invited to apply. For additional information view Announcement HQ0034-21-S-F001.

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The Department of Defense is the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the nation. Under the Federal STEM strategic plan, the Department is charged with developing STEM initiatives that are unique to the DoD mission and also help meet national goals of: improving instruction; increasing engagement; growing the pool of STEM degree holders; broadening the participation of historically underserved groups; and improving the graduate school experience. DoD STEM represents the Department's mission to attract, inspire, and develop exceptional STEM talent across the educational continuum to sustain the Department's technological edge.

DoD Leadership in Innovation

DoD's elite scientists and engineers have been at the cutting edge of our nation's most advanced technological breakthroughs for decades. The legacy of defense innovation includes the Internet, the Global Positioning System (GPS), virtual reality, voice recognition technology, autonomous vehicles, and cloud computing.

Get Involved

Many DoD STEM programs (including internships, scholarships, and fellowships) welcome applications from all eligible American students. Additional choices are available in communities across the country where our STEM workforce lives and works.


DoD STEM programs connect STEM education in the classroom to the excitement, skills, and challenges that come with safeguarding our country.



Department of Defense STEM scholarships provide cash awards to students who have demonstrated ability and aptitude for excelling in STEM fields in disciplines of importance to DoD.


DoD STEM internships allow high school and college students the opportunity to engange in hands-on research, solving real world problems at DoD laboratories and facilities.



DoD STEM supports programs and initiatives that inspire the next generation of Americans to the wonders of science and technology. 


DoD STEM programs spark interest and build skills in science and engineering.