STARBASE Wright-Patt Program Manager Receives President's Award

STARBASE Wright-Patt Program Manager Receives President's Award

More than 30,000 students benefit from STARBASE Wright-Patt STEM program

WPAFB, OH – MARCH 21, 2018 - STARBASE Wright-Patt program manager, Jason Streiff, was the recipient of the 2018 President’s Award from the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Southwest Region during the OSBA Southwest Regional Conference on March 13, 2018. The “Presidents Award” is given to a person or organization that has had a positive and lasting impact on students in the region. Jason Streiff was the perfect nominee for this award due to his contribution to improving the education of students in the Southwest Ohio Region.

Regionally, STARBASE Wright-Patt has left a positive impact on the Southwest Ohio Region. Since 2003, over 30,000 students have been impacted by the STARBASE Wright-Patt experience which provides STEM Programming throughout the year. During the school year, STARBASE Wright-Patt provides a 25-hour STEM-packed program to 13 local districts which includes 31 schools, 110 classes, and 2500 students. In addition to his program, STARBASE Wright-Patt conducts supplementary school activities to include an additional five schools of about 420 5th Grade students and 15 more classes. Lastly, there is a collaborative effort between STARBASE Wright-Patt and the National Museum of the US Air Force that produces summer camps.

Program Manager Jason Streiff of the STARBASE Wright-Patt program believes that this is a great honor to receive this award from the Ohio School Boards Association Southwest Region. He recognizes the importance of exposing students to STEM concepts and providing them with the platform to develop 21st-century skills. STARBASE Wright-Patt will continue to strive to be the best STEM program in the region by providing meaningful relationships with the school districts they serve, teachers that attend, and students who participate.

By Toni Haynes