Join DoD STEM at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

Join DoD STEM at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

April 7 & 8 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC

The Department of Defense Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (DoD STEM) Office is preparing to participate in its 4th USA Science and Engineer Festival on April 6th – 9th at the Washington D.C. Convention Center. The DoD is excited to participate in its 4th USA Science & Engineering Festival and to showcase the many talented STEM professionals and their accomplishments. The festival provides the DoD with an opportunity to inspire and engage with the youth and a broader community on the world of science and technology within the Department.

During this event, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with DoD STEM professionals and mentors through a variety of activities. The DoD STEM booth will have a virtual reality (VR) tour which will show some of the exciting work being conducted by scientists and engineers working in a DoD Laboratory.

Other activities within the Defense Pavilion include a “Ray Optics Laser System” demonstration, which will show students a model of the human eye, how a camera works, two types of telescopes, and concepts of spherical aberration, refraction and reflection. In addition, the DoD STEM booth will have drone cages for flight demonstrations. These hands-on activities and videos, speaking engagements (“Lightning Talks”), and videos will help capture the experiences of DoD scientist and engineers and the significant impact of meeting technological challenges within the Department.

These engagements will help inspire and encourage children that each of them have the potential and capabilities to become a part of a life-impacting career in STEM. The DoD STEM booth will also discuss a number of stimulating outreach and mentorships programs that can continue to motivate and enrich STEM talent.

Come visit the Defense Pavilion during the Festival to learn more about DoD STEM and what it has to offer! See you there!

By Toni Haynes