DoD Supports Tech Transfer

DoD Supports Tech Transfer

NSWC Crane Division's Tech Transfer team honored with 2018 DoD George Linsteadt Technology Transfer Award

The 22nd Department of Defense (DoD) Annual Technical Transfer (T2) Training Workshop, held June 25-26, 2018 at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside in San Diego, California, was hosted by the Defense Laboratories Office to a forum comprised of defense T2 professionals, laboratory Office of Research and Technology Applications personnel; intellectual property attorneys; keynote speakers from industry and academia, and supporting DoD T2 staff. During the event, the DoD T2 Community participated in developing new strategies geared towards: Agency-wide sharing of lessons learned to active best business practices; meanwhile, having a dedicated forum for expressing new underlined T2 concerns within the year. Additionally, the gathering provided a myriad of one-of-a-kind educational opportunities from recognized T2 experts on topics critical to the professional development of the DoD T2 workforce.

The George Linsteadt Technology Transfer Achievement Award recognizes the DoD Federal employees who have made significant accomplishments in support of the DoD Technology Transfer Program. These employees aggressively pursue the acceleration and transfer of Department developed technology for a variety of real world applications in both military and civilian capacities.

This year, the NSWC Crane Division's T2 team, led by Ms. Brooke Pyne, Offices of Research and Technology Applications Representative and T2 Program Director, along with Ms. Jenna Dix, T2 Agreements Administrator, Ms. Annie Bullock, T2 & IP Program Support, and Ms. Kelly Stephens, T2 Program Support, were recognized for fostering a strategically aligned T2 network that provided an exceptionally rapid response to warfighter needs, supported their laboratory’s mission goals and economically impacted Crane’s innovation ecosystem comprised of industry, academia, and state and local government.

Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, Director of the Laboratories Office in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)), presented this prestigious award and congratulated the team’s efforts towards significantly increasing the number of T2 agreements - a 111% growth in active agreements and 57% growth of the patent portfolio. Additionally, Dr. Pamulapati congratulated them for their increase in the number of CRADAs by an average of 300% since they began their undertaking three years ago.
Dr. Pamulapati also commended the T2 team for motivating and inspiring engineers to push forward and patent desirable technology, while also recognizing how their workforce development efforts stimulate the local economy by providing the essential bridge to further development of innovation. The team were honored for paving the way to inspire and challenge other DoD T2 professionals to find better solutions with minimal challenges.

“T2 is a program that fosters internal and external engagement," Ms. Pyne remarked. "The impact of the program continues to grow and the results are very rewarding. Whether it is working with entrepreneurs that are interested in commercializing federal technology or a researcher that is collaborating with academia on warfighter-driven technology requirements, T2 has it all. The ability to influence such interactions and witness their impact is truly amazing.”

Information in this post was excerpted from the following NSWC Crane press release: