Discovery Science Channel features Army Research Lab

Discovery Science Channel features Army Research Lab

Science Works! showcases Army Innovation in four segments

Science Works! "Armed for the Future" aired Friday, 14 September 2018 at 8:00AM EST on Discovery Science Channel. Science Works! is an educational television series that showcases the fun side of real-world STEM careers. It is a "virtual field trip" for students and lifelong learners of all ages to see how STEM concepts are not just important in school, but can also lead to fun and fulfilling careers for a lifetime. The Department of Defense's Army Research Laboratory (ARL) was highlighted, and showcased the innovative work being conducted by the Department's scientists and engineers. ARL's segment focused on the following technology:

"Fighting on Demand:" ARL team focused on emerging technologies that allow warfighters to build and repair capabilities on demand through 3-D printing. “Brain-Computer Interface Research:" ARL team focused on brain-computer interface research, where researchers are utilizing neural signals to improve human interactions with computers, autonomous agents, their environment and even other humans.

"Third Arm Exoskeleton:" ARL team is developing a type of exoskeleton designed to take the weight off Soldiers on the move in combat when trying to steady, aim and fire their weapon, particularly the heavier ones like the M240 machine gun or sniper rifles. They have also configured a "shield" at the right size and weight that could potentially aid Soldiers who do room clearing operations or those in close quarters combat.

The "Armed for the Future" episode will air again on October 5, 2018 at 8:00AM EST on Discovery Science Channel. Additionally, the episode can be viewed on the Science Works! website located at:

* Information in this post was excerpted from the Science Works! website.