Welcome to DoD STEM

By Karen Saunders, Associate Director, DoD STEM Development Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) has been highly engaged with STEM education and outreach for several years.  In fact, it is in our Department’s best interest to expose our young Americans to the wonders of DoD science and technology—that 10th grader who interns at one of our elite laboratories could be the next DoD STEM professional.
However, finding out what DoD STEM has to offer in your area can be difficult.  With so many programs offered by the Army, Navy, Air Force and DoD agencies, it often requires several Google searches to find exactly what you are looking for.
That is where DoDSTEM.us comes in.  We’ve worked hard during the past several months to develop a website that will be a one-stop shop for everything DoD STEM.  We are creating a platform where parents, students, educators and others can explore everything DoD STEM has to offer.  Looking for a DoD internship in your area?  Want to apply for a Defense scholarship?  Searching for opportunities to volunteer at local DoD-sponsored STEM outreach events?  You’ll be able to find it right here.
Additionally, DoDSTEM.us features videos showing DoD STEM professionals at work as they research, create and use the incredible technology they develop for our military servicemembers each day.  For example, “LabTV” encompasses 70 short videos showcasing the latest in DoD innovation, including laser technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, human tissue regeneration, robotics, and more.  Each video is slated to be accompanied by a teaching guide that educators can access at the DoDSTEM.us site, instantly bringing DoD STEM technology into classrooms nationwide.
DoDSTEM.us allows the Department of Defense to better and more conveniently communicate the value and purpose of DoD STEM education and outreach activities, while offering a one-stop shop to consumers looking for STEM programs, internships and scholarships in their local area.  
Today is just the beginning.  In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to upgrade and improve the website with new features, including those outlined above, plus an interactive map that allows you to simply type in your zip code and find out what DoD STEM is doing in your area.  Welcome to DoDSTEM.us!