Maximizing Playtime with STEM Toys

Maximizing Playtime with STEM Toys

Toys Include Robots, Engineering Kits, and Computers

This year, many Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) toys have been introduced to help develop skills such as critical thinking and spatial awareness in a fun and engaging way. There is now a wide variety of toys that will educate and excite kids of all ages to help build on STEM-related concepts.

These toys help challenge children by encouraging them to use their imagination by making comparisons or predictions, and exploring numbers, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Some of these toys include robots, engineering kits, and educational computers. For example, the Smithsonian offers a wide variety of toys such as the Kids Space Tablet that reinforces independent play, memory, and observation skills, and the Geosmart Geosphere that lets kids build their own geosphere and other structures.

STEM is a growing field, hence the fact there are many new STEM toys created each year. STEM toys are the best way to get kids excited about learning and developing the skills that will benefit them later on in life. Sparking an interest in STEM helps students solve real-life problems and encourages them to pursue STEM careers which are both beneficial to society. Which kid will be the next STEM wiz?

By Toni Haynes