Air Force Research Lab Scientist Honored for Human/Machine Interaction Research

Air Force Research Lab Scientist Honored for Human/Machine Interaction Research

Dr. Joseph B. Lyons honored for accomplishments researching human machine interaction and trust

Dr. Joseph B. Lyons from the Air Force Research Laboratory, 711 Human Performance Wing, Human Trust and Interaction Branch, was recently honored as the 2017 third quarter winner of the Department of Defense (DoD) Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter Award. Lyons was recognized for his outstanding and distinguished accomplishments in the areas of human machine interaction and trust.

Lyons received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Wright State University in 2005, and began his career by working on organizational effectiveness research for the Air Force and the DoD. He is recognized for contributing to organizational analysis and design of Air Force and Joint DoD organizations and leading human-machine trust research at both the programmatic level as a basic research grants officer (at the Air Force and Office of the Secretary of Defense-level), and most recently as the Air Force lead for trust in autonomy. Lyons is recognized for developing and executing the ACC-sponsored F-16 Automated Ground Collision Avoidance System Acceptance Study that assessed trust and operational use of the system among operational F-16 pilots. The study identified a critical safety issue that directly led to a fleet-wide aircraft system modification. Additionally, Lyons’ leadership in bringing together experts from the DoD, academia, national labs, and industry to advance trust research greatly reflect how his contributions in the human-machine trust mission area are significantly impacting the DoD.

Lyons is a recognized subject matter expert in his field and has been extremely prolific in the last five years by publishing 18 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, five book chapters, 28 conference presentations and proceedings, with another six journal articles currently under review. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for The Military Psychologist and is an Associate Editor for the journal Military Psychology. Lyons continued research within human machine interaction and trust will help the Department maintain its competitive edge through the advancement and acceleration of scientific and technological discoveries to meet current and future defense challenges.

Past Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter Awards have also been presented to Dr. Kang Xu, US Army Research Laboratory, Weapons and Materials Directorate, Energetic Materials Science Branch (2017 second quarter winner), and Dr. James T. Hing, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Naval Air Systems Command (2017 first quarter winner).

By Emily Tully